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VW ID Buzz To Come In Three Variants

B. O’Hare
B. O’Hare

Two ride-hailing variants and one cargo version will be available.

The upcoming Volkswagen ID Buzz will be available in up to three configurations depending on the market, it has been revealed. Set to go on sale in Europe next year and in the US in 2023, the ID Buzz will be available as a six-seater passenger vehicle initially. This version will have individually accessible rear seats and passenger displays.

Furthermore, the US market will get a six-seat ride-hailing variant with a different layout. Instead of forward facing seats only, this version will have 4 rear seats facing each other. So one set of rear seats forward facing, the other set rear facing.

Finally, a commercial variant will also be sold. Referred to as the ID Buzz Cargo in concept form, this version will primarily target delivery companies.

The ID Buzz will likely have a different name for production. Although we don’t know what that will be just yet, it will presumably be a number in order to slot into the current ID naming scheme. ID.7 is a possibility, for example.

A range of battery packs will be available, ranging from 48kWh to 110kWh in size. Range will be between 200 and 340 miles per charge.

What are your thoughts on the ID Buzz? Are you excited for production? Let us know your thoughts in the replies section below.

Images via Volkswagen

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