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Mass Porsche Taycan Recall Due To Software Issue

Alex Chang
Alex Chang

Porsche is recalling around 43,000 Taycan EVs.

Porsche is recalling thousands of units of their award-winning Taycan EV due to a software bug. Multiple Taycan owners have been filing reports that their car would suddenly lose power during operation. The issue has been reported since early 2020, and after numerous reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began looking into the issue and found a software bug related to the 12-volt battery.

12-volt batteries are commonly used in low-level electronics. In the Taycan and many EVs, it powers the car when it isn’t in motion. The software bug caused the entire vehicle to shut down when the 12-volt battery ran out of power.

While the issue has been claimed to affect a tiny number of Taycans out of the 43,000+ units sold worldwide, Porsche has issued a total recall of all cars made prior to June of this year. Owners will bring in their car to a Porsche dealership. There it will be inspected for the software bug. If a car does indeed have the bug, an update will be manually installed. Porsche estimates this will take somewhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

It seems Porsche isn’t alone in having to deal with 12-volt battery problems. Owners of the Audi e-tron GT, which is built on the same platform as the Taycan, will have to get their car checked out at an Audi dealership. Furthermore, a few Mustang Mach-E units had the same issue a few months ago, and it seems Ford is offering a similar solution.

What are your thoughts on the Taycan recall? If you own an EV with a 12-volt battery, have you encountered this issue? Let us know your thoughts below.

Image via Porsche

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