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3 Common EV Myths

Tesla Plugged-In
Jonathan Mee
Jonathan Mee

Countless unfounded comments have inspired this brief article. Many have arisen in social settings where I have heard the murmurs of ‘electric cars’. 

Here, I shall be replying to the starkest of statements I have heard. Aimed to be a preparatory guide for challenging any electric car critique specifically in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, I’d recommend you save the URL. Part 2 will include a few environmental misconceptions under a scientific lens. 

‘The range of electric cars isn’t high enough for the masses’

In 2011 this statement was valid, where approximately 60 miles was obtained from the MK1 Nissan Leaf. Nowadays electric hatchbacks boast ranges well over 100 miles, for example, the average UK citizen can afford to own a Peugeot e-208, according to current spending habits. The e-208 itself achieves 150-160 real-world miles. I should now note the average UK car journey is 6.8 miles. During motorway driving, it’s always recommended to stop for at least 15 minutes every 140 miles at the national speed limit. Thus, theoretically, the average person buying an electric car has no reason to complain about range. (Based upon the Peugeot e-208’s range, the Vauxhall Corsa-e is another affordable alternative). 

‘The charging infrastructure is not there yet’

This one is easy to overcome, whilst simultaneously being a captivating exercise to perform. I’d encourage anyone to have a look at their local area on Zap-Map. They can also observe at a nationwide scale. Zap-Map is a website displaying where chargers are located, their connectivity and power is also displayed.  Filters can be applied to the map, allowing you to view the amount of fast chargers in your country. You will be astonished at what you see. 

‘If you run out of charge you are stranded’

Not quite. People often forget that flatbed trucks can easily rescue a vehicle. Furthermore, you shouldn’t tow an electric vehicle due to some EVs having the inability to disengage the motor from the drivetrain. If towed, damage to the motor can occur due to a lack of cooling. Alternatively in the UK, stranded EV owners can receive a 10-mile electricity top-up from an ‘EV Boost’ capable RAC patrol van, allowing you to take the shameful drive to the nearest charger, or wall socket! Unsurprisingly, ICE vehicles can run out of fuel, a parallel must be drawn to EVs to sever the daunting prospect of running out of charge. 

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