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Rimac Nevera: Croatian Hypercar EV Unveiled

Rimac Nevera Exterior
B. O’Hare
B. O’Hare

The production version of the C_2 is here.

Rimac has revealed their latest all-electric hypercar, the Nevera. Based off 2018’s Concept Two (or C_2 for short), the Nevera will be one of the world’s fastest cars when it arrives in a few months time.

Powered by a 120kWh battery pack developed in-house by Rimac, the Nevera produces an astronomical 1,888bhp. This means 0-60 mph takes just 1.85 seconds, meanwhile top speed is 258 mph. Even more impressive is the 0-186 mph time – just 9.3 seconds. For reference, a Bugatti Chiron takes 13.6 seconds to reach the same speed. Furthermore, the Nevera will demolish a quarter-mile in a staggering 8.6 seconds. That’s almost a second quicker than the current fastest quarter mile record for a production car!

Rimac Nevera Interior

Range is quoted at 340 miles per charge WLTP, which is far more than most ICE hypercars would manage on a single tank. Inside the Nevera expertly blends performance, luxury and tech in what has to be one of the best interiors in the car world today. Drivers can choose from seven different modes, such as drift and track. Meanwhile, an AI Driver Coach feature will come as part of an OTA update next year.

Just 150 Neveras will be made, with prices starting at around €2 million ($2.44 million). Each one will be built in Croatia, and signed off by Mate Rimac himself.

What are your thoughts on the Nevera? Is this the ultimate EV, or maybe even ultimate car? Let us know what you think in the replies section below.

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