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Tesla Facing Major Payout To Drivers In Norway

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B. O’Hare

Tesla could have to pay the equivalent of around $16,000 to thousands of Norwegian owners.

Tesla is facing a massive fine in Norway, following a court decision earlier this week. Following numerous complaints from Norwegian owners, it was found that a software update for 2013-15 Model S’ with an 85kWh battery pack drastically decreased range and charging speeds.

The firm was ordered to pay 136,000 Norwegian Krone for each respective complaint, of which there can potentially be up to 10,000 given that’s how many 2013-15 Model S 85 / 85d / P85 / P85d cars are registered in the country. This amounts to a total potential payout of a hefty $163 million.

For reference, one customer told website that his range dropped from 247 to 217 miles following the update. As mentioned above, significant decreases in charging speeds were also noted. Tesla stated the purpose of the update was to “protect the battery and improve battery longevity”. The company also noted range losses only occurred for a “a small percentage of owners.”

Tesla can still appeal the case, but only has a few weeks to do so. As always, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the replies section below.

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