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Volkswagen Introduces New Entry-Level ID.4

B. O’Hare
B. O’Hare

The 52kWh, entry-level ID.4 is now available.

Volkswagen has launched a new base version of the ID.4 in select markets. Featuring a 52kWh battery pack, the entry-level ID.4 is available in either ‘City’ or ‘Style’ guise in the UK. Prices start at £34,650 ($48,832) before any grants have been factored in.

The 52kWh ID.4 is capable of 213 miles per charge if you opt for the 145bhp output available as standard. Meanwhile the more powerful ‘Pure Performance’ 167bhp version of the 52kWh battery manages 211 miles per charge.

The 52kWh ID.4 will not be coming to the US it appears, with less range and smaller battery packs deemed unsuitable for the North American market as a whole, even if it means cheaper prices. Whether this will change long-term remains to be seen.

Those in the US can however get a 77kWh ID.4 for significantly less than what those in the UK are paying for the 52kWh variant. Thanks to less taxation, the ID.4 starts at only $39,995 in the US, or $32,495 after the FTC.

Images via Volkswagen Germany / UK

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