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Porsche Reveals More Info About Upcoming Macan EV

B. O’Hare
B. O’Hare

The Macan EV will have “significantly more” range than the Taycan.

Porsche has revealed new information about the upcoming all-electric version of the Macan crossover. Set to arrive in 2023, the electric Macan will be based off Porsche’s PPE platform (which is dedicated for EVs). It will also feature the same 800-volt architecture found in the Taycan, allowing for rapid charging speeds.

Although it will be sold alongside an internal combustion engine Macan, even beyond their powertrains both cars will not exactly be the same. For one, the chassis on both will be different. As mentioned above, the PPE platform is designed specifically for EVs so therefore won’t feature on the ICE Macan. Even the name itself is yet to be finalized. Porsche R & D board member Michael Steiner stated to journalists earlier this week:

“We call it internally Macan electric. The final decision whether it will be [named] Macan in the market is not decided today.”

Steiner also confirmed the Macan EV will have ‘significantly’ more range than the Taycan. He also spoke about the possibility of offering two different battery packs for the electric Macan:

“Technically we are prepared for two battery sizes but we learned … most customers look for the bigger range. Most probably we will look at least in the North American market for having one, and this would be the bigger battery.”

According to Porsche, by the time the electric Macan arrives on the market in 2023 test versions will have covered some 3 million kilometers (1.86 million miles) in varying conditions across the globe.

Being based off Porsche’s current best-seller, the electric version will no doubt play a major role in the firm’s aim of having 80% of total sales being either hybrids or EVs by 2030. As always, let us know your thoughts in the replies section below.

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