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Tesla Updates Refreshed Model S / X Estimated Delivery Dates

B. O’Hare
B. O’Hare

The expected delivery dates for newly ordered cars is now September-October for the Model S and next year for the Model X.

Tesla has updated the estimated delivery dates for newly ordered, refreshed Model S’ and Xs, pushing them back further. The firm is now saying it will be around September-October before a newly ordered Model S Long Range / Plaid will arrive, or January-February 2022 for any new Model X.

Meanwhile, the estimated delivery date for a newly ordered 1,100+ horsepower Model S Plaid+ remains the same – mid 2022.

Unveiled in late January, the updated Model S and X start at $79,990 and $89,990 respectively. Both feature slightly revised exterior designs and major overhauls inside. A new 17” touchscreen capable of running console-level video games is found inside both. Meanwhile both cars have new 22-speaker, 960-watt stereo systems.

What are your thoughts on the refreshed S and X? The delays will come as a disappointment to many, but are you still hyped for the updated versions of Tesla’s top-of-the-line duo? Let us know your thoughts in the replies section below.

Images via Tesla Motors

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  1. We all know, Tesla is fast with promised deadlines and postponing them afterwards. So this one here is no such big deal or surprise 🙂

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