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VW ID.4 Beats Tesla Model 3 LR In Real-World Test

Image via VW

By B. O’Hare

A Volkswagen ID.4 tested by French publication L’Automobile has beaten a Tesla Model 3 LR in a diverse real-world test which saw both cars tested in a wide array of environments.

The French magazine analyzed highway, urban and mixed ranges for both cars to come up with realistic figures. In the ID.4, the highway range was 340 km (211.3 miles) meanwhile the Model 3 LR managed 320 km (198.8 miles). Unsurprisingly, both cars faired much better in the urban test. The ID.4 achieved a seriously impressive 464 km (288.3 mile) urban range, meanwhile the Model 3 managed 445 km (276.5 miles).

Finally, in the ‘mixed’ cycle (combining elements of all the above) both were incredibly close. However, the LR Model 3 just edged the ID.4 in this category. It managed 393 km (244.2 miles) meanwhile the ID.4 came close at 388 km (241.1 miles).

So, overall the ID.4 just edges the Model 3 LR to win the test, bettering it in two of the three categories. Food for thought, especially given the Model 3 LR has a larger EPA range than the Model Y crossover – a closer competitor to the ID.4.

In the US, the Volkswagen ID.4 starts at $32,495 after the FTC, whilst the Model 3 LR comes in at $47,990. The larger Model Y, a more likely alternative to the crossover ID.4, comes in at $50,990 stateside in LR guise. The Y is currently unavailable in Europe and will not go on sale there until Giga Berlin is complete.

Source: L’Automobile

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