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NIO Produces 100,000th Car

By B. O’Hare

Chinese EV manufacturer NIO has produced their 100,000th vehicle at the firm’s JAC-NIO Hefei Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Hefei, China. Reaching the milestone took less than three years, a remarkable feat for a startup – especially considering NIO are a more premium brand.

NIO predominately sells three all-electric cars in the Chinese domestic market – the ES8 EUV and ES6 & EC6 crossovers. They have also produced a $1.5 million hypercar with a 217 mph top speed, dubbed the EP9.

From next year onwards they will also sell a sedan with a range of up to 621 miles per charge, the ET7. Available with a number of battery packs (the highest being 150kWh in size) the ET6 also features LiDAR tech and has a 0.23 drag coefficient.

In terms of foreign expansion, NIO aims to sell some of its range in Europe before the end of the year. Although not confirmed, a US launch could also be a possibility long-term.

Are you a fan of NIO? Would you consider one of their vehicles if they expand to your region? Let us know your thoughts in the replies section below!




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