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Meet The Mini Pacesetter, Formula E’s Latest Zero Emissions Pace Car

By B. O’Hare

Mini has revealed their new pace car for the Formula E racing series, the Pacesetter. Although not a production car, the Pacesetter gives us a solid indication of what future, more performance-oriented Mini EVs will look like.

Mixing the powertrain of the Mini Electric (known as the SE in North America) with the styling of the ICE John Cooper Works GP, the Pacesetter features 18” alloys on Michelin Pilot Sport tires, 3D printed seat pads and orange detailing throughout.

In terms of performance, 0-62 mph is actually quicker than the Mini Electric (likely due to the reduction in weight), taking just 6.7 seconds versus the 7.3 of its production equivalent. That said, given the powertrain is the same it’s no surprise power figures are too – meaning 181bhp and 280 Nm.

An indication of things to come undoubtedly, parent company BMW recently stated Mini will become a fully electric brand before they do. We anticipate a JCW Mini EV will be here sooner or later, and the Pacesetter’s mix of JCW GP and Electric gives us a solid idea of what a hot hatch Mini EV could look like.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think of the Mini Pacesetter and the future of Mini in general in the replies section below.





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