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BYD Reveals Affordable Yuan Pro

Image via BYD

By B. O’Hare

BYD, one of the Chinese domestic markets most popular automakers, has unveiled a refreshed version of their Yuan crossover dubbed the Yuan Pro. Featuring the firm’s new lithium-iron-phosphate ‘Blade Battery’, the Yuan Pro is capable of 249 miles per charge. Total battery density is 50.1kWh.

The Yuan Pro can charge from 30-80% in just 30 minutes using DC fast charging, with a peak rate of 60kW. It also gains a new front fascia versus its predecessor, and inside features a 10.1” touchscreen with OTA updates.

Total power output is 100kW (which equates to 134 bhp), meanwhile 0-50km/h (0-31 mph) takes 3.9 seconds.

However, the most impressive thing about the Yuan Pro is its price. In China it starts at 121,300 CNY, which is the equivalent of just $18,500 USD. An improvement of an already affordable yet solid EV for the masses, the Yuan Pro is expected to sell very strongly in China. Over 100,000 first-gen Yuans were sold after all.

What do you think of the Yuan Pro? And for those of you after an affordable EV crossover, would you consider one if it was sold in the US or Europe, or if you’re based in China are you actively considering one? Let us know your thoughts in the replies section below!





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