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The VW ID.4 Might Not Go On Sale In The US Until 2022

Image via Car News China 

By B. O’Hare

It could be as late as 2022 before the Volkswagen ID.4 arrives in the US, with VW’s Model Y rival set to go on sale in Europe and Asia in just a few months time.

So, why will Americans have to wait so long? Well to put it short, Volkswagen America doesn’t want to import the ID.4 from the crossover’s main production base in China for obvious reasons such as tariffs. So, instead they plan to build it separately for the North American market in a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. That plant in question requires a new production line, body shop and lots of extra staff if VW want to produce the ID.4 there. VW Chattanooga’s CEO, Tom du Plessis, says plans are “on track” but is well aware there is still some distance to go before the factory is able to make up to 100,000 EVs a year.

There is however, another option. VW could temporarily import ID.4s from Europe if they still want to sell it for next year in the US. The crossover will also be manufactured in VW’s Emden, Germany factory, however production will commence a few months later there than in China. Due to import costs, that option will likely result in a $2-3k price hike per unit for VW – which ultimately means the North American consumer will have to pay more. We reckon this decision is unlikely, especially with VW being so keen to market the ID.4 as a cut-price Model Y alternative. Instead, expect to wait for another 18 months unfortunately.

When it does hit the market however, the ID.4 should be very competitive. Plenty of space, up to 311 miles of range and an estimated $35,000 base point. Are you a fan of the ID.4? Would you consider one if you’re in the market for a crossover? Let us know your thoughts in the replies section below!



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