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The Location of Tesla’s Next Gigafactory has Officially been Revealed

Image via Tesla Motors

By B. O’Hare

Tesla’s recent Q2 Earnings Call not only revealed $6 billion in revenue and a $104 million net profit, but also the location of the firm’s next Gigafactory – Austin, Texas!

Yes, the rumors from a few months back have proven to be true. Elon Musk had made it clear from the moment the Cybertruck was revealed that he always fancied a Texas location following the completion of Giga Berlin, but where in Texas remained unknown. However now it’s all been finalized – a 2,100 acre plot by the Colorado River, 5 minutes away from the Austin-Bergstrom airport has been selected. Musk himself says Giga Austin will be “an ecological paradise” with a boardwalk right by the Colorado River and public access.

The factory will employ approximately 5,000 people, with salaries starting at $35,000. Total construction costs are estimated at over $1 billion and the plant should be up and running by the final quarter of 2021. Cybertruck, Semi and Model Y production will take place there.



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