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Canadian Model 3 owners have filed a class-action lawsuit against Tesla

Image via Electrek

By B. O’Hare

A number of Tesla Model 3 owners in the Québec region of Canada have decided to take legal action against Tesla over paint-related issues with their vehicles. One of these owners, Jean-François Bellerose, has said Tesla refused to pay for the paint damage on his Model 3 – despite it being less than one year old and still in full warranty.

Mr Bellerose said a local body shop quoted him $4,700 to fix the paint damage and corrosion on his 3, which led to him deciding to file a lawsuit against Tesla instead. He, along with numerous other owners, want Tesla to fully repair every car and give $500 in compensation to each individual owner involved.

Tesla has tried to acknowledge the issue, citing they always give a free “All-Weather Protection Kit” to those in colder regions, but the lawsuit has not been withdrawn. Mr Bellerose and all the other 3 drivers currently in the lawsuit are actively encouraging other owners who’ve experienced similar issues to partake in it also.



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