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Tesla slashes prices across their range

Image via Vantage

By B. O’Hare

In order to combat slowing sales due to COVID-19, Tesla has lowered prices across most of their range in the US & China. A hefty $5,000 has been taken off the MSRPs of both the Model S and X, whilst $2,000 has been deducted off the Model 3. The only vehicle they currently sell that is unaffected is the Model Y, which still starts at $52,990. See the list below for all the new prices:

Model 3:

– Model 3 SR+: $37,990
– Model 3 LR: $46,990
– Model 3 Perf: $54,990

Model S:

– Model S LR+: $74,990
– Model S Perf: $94,990

Model X:

– Model X LR+: $79,990
– Model X Perf: $99,990



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