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The Airways U5 is Coming to Europe this Summer

The U5 has been in production since late last year. Image via Airways.

By B. O’Hare

Just days after it was revealed that BYD will be the first Chinese manufacturer to arrive in Europe this year, Airways have now revealed concrete plans to expand there too – starting in the small Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Why there? Well the French island’s local rental company, Filippi Auto (a subsidiary of Hertz), recently announced plans to electrify 70% of their fleet by 2022. And they’ve now struck a deal with Airways to ship over hundreds of U5 crossovers to achieve that goal. With a 250 mile range and 1543 liter boot capacity the U5 should be more than capable for the thousands of tourists that flock to the sunny French isle every year.

Airways always intended to expand to Europe, they just never said exactly when. But now with plans for Corsica beginning this summer it’s likely the rest of mainland Europe will follow later this year, with first deliveries to the RHD UK market in 2021. Pricing is expected to start at under (the equivalent of) $40,000. Airways will prioritize certain markets over others, with France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland reportedly at the top of their list.



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