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VW’s first all-electric production van comes with a 1,001kg payload but a measly 82 mile range

The eTransporter 6.1 is virtually the same as the ICE 6.1, but with an EV powertrain of course

Volkswagen have revealed the new eTransporter 6.1, made in collaboration with renowned German turner ABT.  Powered by a relatively small 37kWh battery, the eTransporter only manages 82 miles per charge – largely due to its bulky dimensions and hefty weight as well as that small battery.

With a starting price of €44,990 ($49,380) in Germany it’s far from cheap – however further government incentives and long term savings are yet to be factored into that figure. VW have also confirmed the eTransporter will be available through their own commercial dealerships, which will make it a lot more accessible than if it was sold by ABT exclusively.

Whilst that range is far from impressive, the eTransporter could work for city-based businesses that don’t cover long distances all that often. 50kW CCS charging can see an 80% recharge take just 45 minutes, whilst a 7.2kW wallbox will take a hefty 5 and a half hours. Like we said, it could work in cities. And as you’ve probably guessed, given the regular Transporter isn’t available in North America don’t expect the electric version to be either.



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