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The location of Tesla’s next factory has reportedly been decided

04297CF7-B4EB-4F6A-BBB0-2C9B5343EAEDAn anonymous source very close to Tesla has indicated the firm’s next factory will be in Austin, Texas. The source has also indicated plans are already well underway for the new plant, with workers from the Nevada Gigafactory playing an instrumental role in the process.

Musk has previously said Tesla’s next factory following Giga Berlin will be a ‘Terafactory’ which will only manufacture the Model Y and Cybertruck. Tesla will reportedly build the Austin plant faster than any other one so far – including Giga Shanghai – and they could well begin Model Y production there before the end of this year. All going to plan, Cybertruck production will commence there in around 18 months time too. Thoughts? Let us know what you reckon in the replies section below.



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