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The BMW i7 will be a 670bhp ultra-lux Tesla rival

The current-gen 7 Series recently received a minor facelift

BMW are hard at work on development of the next-gen 7 Series which is due in 2022. Like the upcoming Jaguar XJ, BMW are expected to offer the new 7 in hybrid, PHEV and all-electric guise, the latter of which will be the most powerful (and likely expensive) variant in the lineup.

Recently seen in testing, the (i)7 is expected to have in excess of 670bhp and be capable of over 360 miles per charge. Since BMW officially confirmed a full-EV 7 was coming back in March, many have speculated whether it will come under the ‘i’ brand. Last year we reported that BMW were trying to gradually move away from the ‘i’ label as EVs became more mainstream for the firm, however with the i4 and iX3 names now official for production we reckon BMW will stick to that brand name for their EVs for the foreseeable future – even if the i3 and i8 are nearing the end of the line.

In terms of pricing, as we said above the all-electric version of the 7 Series will be the top-of-the-line variant. Currently the most expensive and powerful 7 is the $157,700 M760i, and we could see the new EV version coming close to that. Thoughts? Let us know  what you think of what you’ve heard so far in the replies section below.



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