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Tesla “Cheetah Stance” will enable the perfect launch

The upgrade will be available for the Raven Model S & X

Tesla is working on something called “Cheetah Stance” for the Raven Model S & X. The upgrade, which will come as part of an OTA update, will make use of the new “Smart Adaptive Air Suspension” on the Raven S & X, enabling the Performance Teslas to launch at full power.

Like an actual Cheetah, the setup will lower the suspension at the front and raise the rear as the 700+bhp car waits to pounce. Twitter user Green (a frequent leaker of Tesla info) posted the below image showing how the new Launch Mode will work.


The feature is reportedly being tested out by members of Teslas’ early access program, but it could be sometime before the rest of the Raven fleet gets it – especially with COVID-19 delays.



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