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Bentley’s first all-electric production car will reportedly be an ultra-lux sedan

The design could feature elements of last year’s EXP 100 GT concept 

Bentley’s first production EV will reportedly be a sedan, and according to the British firm’s design director Stefan Sielaff it won’t be based off an existing Bentley and will be a “completely fresh and new development, with electric propulsion and obviously different proportions following the function.”

Recent reports have surfaced claiming that the first EV Bentley will use the VW Group’s upcoming PPE platform for a base and may feature solid-state tech, as indicated by a recent statement saying the firm wants to wait for ‘stronger batteries’ before launching an electric car.

With a solid-state battery, the Bentley EV could be capable of over 500 miles per charge and 0-60 mph in well under 3 seconds, regardless of a 2.5 ton+ weight. However, development of such technology is still far from the market, with Fisker currently leading the race in the area. This means it could be at least 2025 before the electric Bentley arrives, as indicated by a recent roadmap released by the firm. For more on what this speculated Bentley sedan could look like, head over to our Instagram (@electriccarnews).




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