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The VW e-Bulli is the ultimate retro EV

This e-Bulli is based off the 1966 T1 version of the iconic Type 2 or ‘Hippie Van’

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and eClassics have finally revealed their highly anticipated electrified version of the 1966 T1. A joint-project between the two firms, they plan on taking a range of classic VWs such as the T1 shown above and retro-fitting them with a new chassis that includes either a 35kWh or 45kWh battery.  Standard power output is 83bhp, however the 45kWh pack will get you 101bhp. Both have single electric motors, meaning they’re RWD and feature minor exterior and interior upgrades, such as LED daytime running lights and a modern automatic gear selector.

Range for the converted T1 e-Bulli is rather impressive too, especially considering the Bus’ bulky dimensions. VW says you can expect over 200km per charge (120 miles) and a charging time of 40 minutes from 0 to 80% (on a 50kW fast charger). The Germans also say it drives much better than the original, largely due to multi-link front and rear axles with adjustable shock absorbers, four ventilated brake discs and a rack and pinion steering set-up.

This is no one-off, with prices for the converted T1 shown above starting at €64,900 and ranging up to around €100k. A rolling chassis for the famed Beetle can also be purchased for a more reasonable €39,900. No word on US pricing or availability, but we expect these conversions to be Europe-exclusive. That said, if you’re in North American and desire a retro VW bus in your life keep your eyes peeled for the production version of 2017’s ID. Buzz concept, due in 2022, which will have a huge 111kWh battery and a range of up to 373 miles per charge.



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