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A Porsche Taycan owner has driven around America in an epic 11,000-mile roadtrip


In just 46 days a Porsche Taycan Turbo owner has completed an 11,000-mile roadtrip through the US and Canada. Don Louv set off from his Portland, Maine home intending to visit his mother in California and soon decided to go ‘the long way’ on this already very long journey.

Whilst many would have just taken a flight, Don insisted he doesn’t always do the ‘normal thing’ and as he loves ‘crazy road trips’ he decided to take his newly delivered Taycan cross-country.  Initially heading south to Florida, Don then headed through the Southern states before reaching the west coast and going north to his mother, before continuing upwards into Canada before heading back east (for the full diagram of this awesome round-trip, head over to our Instagram – @electriccarnews).

In terms of road-trip charging infrastructure, Don said non-Tesla networks are really catching up, and he predominately used Electrify America for this trip. The driving range he managed was also impressive, at an average of 215 miles per charge (or 226 miles per charge in temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Finally, at the end of his journey when asked if he’d spend $150,000 on a Taycan again he simply replied ”absolutely’ – praising the Porsche’s comfort, quietness and refinement. Would the Taycan be your ultimate road trip EV? Let us know in the replies section below!

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