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The next-gen 7 Series will be electric, BMW confirms


BMW have announced that the next-generation 7 Series will be available in fully electric form alongside petrol, diesel and PHEV variants. They’re calling this move “power of choice”.

The 7 Series, the current generation of which has been around since 2015, has long been BMW’s flagship and will likely continue to be so with an electric powertrain. Many of its rivals, such as the Jaguar XJ, are also due electric replacements soon and Mercedes will launch a luxury electrified EQ sedan, labeled the EQS, alongside the next-generation hybrid S-Class next year. Emissions taxes in particular have led to the rapid development of these electric versions of ultra-lux sedans, many of which would not be allowed to enter major European cities in a few years time if they stayed with traditional powertrains.

The new 7 Series is likely to arrive in 2022 according to our sources, and the all-electric version will reportedly be offered in two lines – i7 and i7S, with a 550bhp, 100kWh battery in the base i7 and a 670bhp, 120kWh battery in the range-topping S – which will be capable of over 360 miles per charge. Prices for both will likely be upwards of $110,000.

Meanwhile, the $50k i4 sedan is set to go on sale next year alongside the electrified version of the current-gen X3 – the iX3, and a production version of the iNEXT full-sized SUV. As for the i3 and i8, both will likely be discontinued soon. The fate of the i3 seemed sealed last year, but more recently BMW engineers have hinted it could stick around for another 2-3 years, but a successor will not be arriving. As for the hybrid i8, it’s finishing up production in June this summer.  How do you think BMW will fair as the world shifts to electrification? Feel free to let us know your thoughts  in the replies section below.



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