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Listen to the sound of Maserati’s first EV

MMXXI = 2021 – when Maserati’s electric replacement for the aging Gran Turismo will arrive

Maserati have just teased what their upcoming EV will sound like, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Many have been waiting eagerly for an electric Maserati ever since the 2013 Alfieri concept, which promised EV and hybrid powertrains as well as a traditional V8. Whilst some may argue EVs don’t have a soul, we have a feeling this electric Maserati will challenge that statement.

Maserati’s latest roadmap previews an electric future

And this won’t be the only EV Maserati coming soon – the Italian firm’s updated roadmap previews the gradual electrification of the brand. The start of big things for the Modena company? We’ll have to wait and see…



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