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Sony Surprises With The Unveiling Of Their All-Electric S-Vision Sedan

Images via Sony
By B. O’Hare

Tech giant Sony has stunned CES goers and the car industry alike with the unveiling of a fully electric concept car.

Many expected details of the upcoming PS5 from the Sony set at CES, but were instead greeted by the S-Vision sedan (that said the logo for the next-gen PlayStation was also revealed). The tech-laden premium EV features 360 audio, 33 sensors and a front dash with hardware borrowed from Sony’s latest plasma TVs (which actually feature in the back for rear passengers).

But will the S-Vision ever actually make it into production? Few details were given bar a 4.8 second 0-60 mph time, and the car may well only serve as a demo for all of Sony’s new car orientated technology (which they could plan on selling to mainstream manufacturers such as Ford, who use their current-gen tech). That said, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida did seem serious about production in his presentation at Las Vegas, and we all know Sony have the financial means to make it happen.

Previous vehicle projects by Apple and Google have seemingly fell flat, but maybe Sony’s promising concept could actually happen. Would you consider a car made by a tech firm? Feel free to let us know in the replies section below…



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