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Why it’s now pointless to get FSD if you live in Europe

Additional EU regulations have been put in place regarding autonomy
Image via: CAR Magazine

In a recent software update for European customers Tesla put limitations on multiple features available with both Autopilot 1 and FSD, in order to align with new, stricter European laws.

We’ve compiled the full list of all the new restrictions:

(1) Auto Lane Change will be restricted for use on dual carriageways with two or more lanes of traffic in either direction.

(2) Once Auto Lane Change is activated and the indicator is turned on, your car will wait a minimum of one and a half seconds before starting the lane change and will wait up to five seconds before cancelling if the lane change has not been able to start.

(3) The limit of how far the steering wheel can turn while using Autosteer is reduced and can affect your car’s ability to manoeuvre curves or stay within its lane, requiring you to take action.

(4) Summon will now require that you be within six meters of your car’s location to operate.

(5) You’ll receive a reminder to hold the steering wheel if it does not detect your hands on the wheel for 15 seconds.
Model S & X owners only: software regulations already in
place on European Model 3s

Given these new restrictions largely limit the features of FSD, we wouldn’t recommend paying the extra premium for it if you live in Europe. It’s unlikely the regulations will change within the next 5 years, so you’re not really investing for the future (i.e. resale values) by getting it either. Regular, Standard Autopilot that comes free with all Teslas is all you’ll be able to use on a day-to-day basis in Europe.

It’s a shame such regulations aren’t loosened up a bit, as other firms like the VW Group also have the capacity for Level 3 autonomy on many of their vehicles (such as the Audi A8). Thoughts?



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