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Trial production of the Polestar 2 has commenced in China

Production is underway at Geely’s plant in Zhejiang, east China

Trial production of the upcoming Polestar 2 began last week in China. The trial aims to quicken processing times and get the factory’s workers ready for when mainstream production starts in a few weeks time.

Deliveries of the 2 are currently set for the first half of 2020, and with an estimated EPA range of 275 miles (442km) as well as Volvo build quality and styling demand has been immense for the fastback sedan.

Pricing is yet to be announced for US customers, but the 2 will start at £49,900 in the UK, albeit for the top-spec Launch Edition. A cheaper variant of the 2 is set to follow in late 2020, with no pricing available in any region for it thus far – however sources indicate the base 2 will start at around $45k, yet still offer the range and many of the features of the higher spec versions. Do you think the Polestar 2 will challenge Model 3 sales? Feel free to let us know in the replies section below…



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