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Jaguar have given the I-Pace a significant range boost

Thanks to an OTA (Over The Air) update, JLR have boosted the range of their first EV by 12 miles according to the (quite harsh) EPA cycle. The I-Pace can now go for 246 miles per charge, up from 234.

The OTA update also includes various tweaks to the regenerative braking (which now gains more energy at lower speeds) as well as improvements to the I-Pace’s thermal systems and AWD setup. A lot of the modifications have been made possible through data collected by the I-Pace eTrophy, a support car version of the I-Pace used in Formula E.

The I-Pace broke it’s US sales record in October (November stats are currently unavailable) with JLR dealers shifting 306 units throughout the country. Prices for the premium crossover currently start at $69,850 for base S spec, with the top-end HSE variant starting at just over $80k.



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