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How much will the Ford Mach-E really cost?

The MSRP of this GT edition is $60k

Unveiled just over two weeks ago, the Ford Mach-E has been well received in general by both those within and outside the car industry.

Many consider it’s $43,895 entry price to be quite competitive, but in reality the purchase price of an E will be significantly cheaper, at least for the next 2-3 years. $7,500 cheaper to be precise, meaning a starting price of just $36,395.

For reasons unknown to us, Ford are displaying all US prices for the Mach-E before the $7,500 Federal Tax grant, which Ford EVs are 100% eligible for throughout all 50 states. This means the Mach-E actually undercuts the base Tesla Model Y (SR RWD) by nearly $3,000. Add this to the fact that the E is able to use all of Electrify America and Canada’s charging network and it becomes even more competitive to Tesla’s Model Y – which of course also has a superb charging network, but that might not be one of it’s USPs for much longer…

Another thing to consider is dealer discounts, while Tesla simply doesn’t offer them Ford do. You could potentially pick up a Select Mach-E (which is capable of 230 miles per charge on the EPA cycle) in a year’s time for just $35k.

Not to say that we’re disregarding the Model Y – which is a fantastic option for many, but in the Mach-E Tesla may have finally met their match. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Ford’s first fully electric SUV in the replies below!



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