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How does the VW ID.3 compare to the 2016 I.D. Concept?

Production vs Concept: In Detail 👁 Check out this shot for shot comparison between the Volkswagen ID.3 and the I.D. Concept that previewed it back in 2016.

The ID.3, which went into production last month, starts at just €30,000 in Germany ($33,000) and is available in 3 battery specs (Pure – 45kWh, Pro – 58kWh and Pro S -77kWh) – the latter of which is capable of 340 miles // 547km per charge. Game changer? Definitely, especially considering VW have the charging network to support it across Europe, which leads us onto our next point…

As many of you now know, unfortunately the ID.3 won’t be coming to North America – although many other fully electric VW IDs will be such as the ID.4 Crossover (coming late next year) and a production variant of the ID. Buzz van (2022-24). Are you considering an ID.3, or if it’s not available in your region would you consider one if it was? Let us know in the replies section below!



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