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Lordstown Motors are the latest EV startup aiming to take a chunk out of the pickup market

Meet the Lordstown Motors Endurance, an all-electric pickup set to go into production next year at a former-GM plant in Ohio.

Lordstown Motors, who are named after the village they’re based in, are lead by Steve Burns – the former CEO of Workhouse (another startup who aim to make commercial EVs who have recently ran into financial trouble). Burns plans on taking the segment by storm, and hopes to one day make 500,000 vehicles per year.

Back to the their first car then, the Endurance. Lordstown want it to go into production in just a few months time (mid-late 2020) with the main objective being beating Rivian and Tesla to the market. The AWD Endurance is set to start at $52,500 in the US, and aims for a 260 mile (418km) range. Lordstown are primarily targeting business and commercial users so expect very attractive lease rates as well as an extra-large “frunk” up top. Would you consider an Endurance over a Cybertruck or R1T? Feel free to let us know in the replies section below!



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