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German Tuning Giant AC Schnitzer Have Got Their Hands On An i3

Images via AC Schnitzer

Meet the AC Schnitzer BMW i3S, a more aerodynamic, sportier version of BMW‘s first all-electric car.

Rather than tweak the regular i3S’ 42kWh battery, Ac Schnitzer have instead decided to focus on the cars bodywork – adding a splitter and spoiler as well as lowering the vehicle’s stance. They’ve also spaced out the wheels by 12mm (or around half an inch).

In total it costs roughly $3,000 to transform your standard i3S into the AC Schnitzer version, which isn’t bad value considering the significantly improved aesthetics (in our own humble opinion) and handling. Range isn’t impacted too much either, you can still expect close to the 173 miles you’d manage on a regular i3S. The first EV hot hatch? Perhaps…




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